Architectural Visualisation Experts

We are a creative agency specialising in the creation of architectural CGI's and animations.


Our work has been instrumental in helping our clients to gain planning consent, sell their properties off-plan, win architectural design competitions, attract funding and gain valuable media coverage.


With over 15 years experience working with property developers, architects, designers and marketing companies, creating the visuals and animations needed to bring their developments, designs, concepts and visions to life.


Below are links to the different styles of CGI that we create.

Exterior House CGI, Architectural Visualisation
Exterior CGI's

Exterior CGI's are a fantastic way to showcase and market property developments prior to the competition of the sites and sell the properties off-plan.

We create fully 3D digital environments, add materials and lighting to bring your developments to life.

Exterior CGI's
Photomontage CGI's, Architectural Visualisation
Photomontage CGI's

Photomontage CGI's are a great tool to give support to planning applications, but it can also be a fantastic way of marketing developments.

We combine a photorealistic 3D computer model with a photograph to show show how your development will sit in its new environment.

Photomontage CGI's
Aerial CGI's, Architectural Visualisation
Aerial CGI's

Aerial CGI's are a fantastic way to show off a development in its entirety. The images can be produced looking directly down creating a birds-eye feel or from more of a 3/4 perspective angle giving a more 3 dimensional feel.

They can be a great addition to a set of house CGI's or created as a stand alone image.

Step by Step Process
Architectural Visualisation


We start by taking your drawings, sketches or designs into our 3D modelling software.

Architectural Visualisation

3D Model

An accurate 3D computer model of your design is then created. 

Exterior House CGI, Architectural Visualisation

Final Image

Materials & lighting  are then added to bring the image to life and create a photorealistic finish.

Interior CGI, Architectural Visualisation
Interior CGI's

Interior CGI's are created to the highest photorealistic quality and will include all fixtures and fittings.

Furniture is then added and can be matched exactly to a clients interior specification or we can pick pieces from our library to meet a requested style.

Interior CGI's
3D Floor Plans, Architectural Visualisation
3D Floor Plans

3D floor plans are a great tool to help potential buyers visualise how the internal spaces will work.

We include all fixtures and fittings and can add furniture from our library, to bring the layouts to life.

We also create 2D floor plans. 


We create interior and exterior walk through animations. Using a series of pans and sweeps to move around your development showcasing the external and internal spaces, with a photorealistic finish.

The animations can be output in a range of different formats, they are particularly impressive on websites or a DVD.